Samstag, 10. September 2011

Bottleship: New Update

Just rolled out the latest changes to the Bottleship web service, here's the list:

  • A preview at the right shows your picoid at pixel scale and updates as you paint.
  • Clicking the preview downloads your picoid as a PNG.
  • Due to popular request, brown has been replaced by orange.
  • Picoid remixes are now retrieved from the server instantly, without delays.
  • Picoid remixes are rendered at their original size.
  • Painting with transparent color actually shows a transparent brush.
  • "Picoid" and "Community" buttons in the header are now on the left. The "Picoid" button has been changed to "+Picoid" to hint that this is the way to add a new picoid.
  • Footer has a link to the bug tracker now, labeled "Problem?".
  • Internal: picoid implementation uses arrays instead of typed arrays, which should help with slightly older browsers.

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