Freitag, 12. August 2011

We Need To Go Derper: Bottleship 2.0

The hands keep coding, but they just can't keep up with the thinking machine, can they? Once again, fear, uncertainty and doubt crept upon me.

I realized that it would be almost impossible to aggregate all assets for this game in a satisfying amount of time, especially character design and animations, no matter if 2D or 3D - the amount of work I have to put into learning stuff and making art is simply too big, no matter how you turn it.

Which led me to an even earlier, 8 year old idea, which I had investigated into, even wrote some code. I abandoned the idea because it didn't feel right at the time. Apparently, times have changed, and we might talk about it as a viable alternative again.

The idea is simple: a game that contains nothing and allows everything. A "Second Life from scratch". A "Minecraft in space". a "4chan in 3D". Players start off in the void and model/code their world around them. Each player has his own 3D universe in which he's allowed to create anything. Players can visit each others universe and experience each others creations. Players can share a universe and create something together.

Created assets can be shared with, and modified by other players. Programmers can script games or mod the games of others, and reach for the assets of artists to give their game a face. Artists can replace assets in games programmers have written, and create new items, characters and landscapes free to be used by whoever comes along.

The result is a game that in itself is a "game, machinima and meme reactor", something that allows everyone (including me) to realize his entertainment ideas without having to drum up a team first.

The project keeps its name, "Bottleship". A few weeks back I registered "", and now I've got a good reason to use it.

Bottleship will run in your browser, and utilize Google's new Native Client technology and GLES 2 to render its content. The reason why I refrained from doing anything in the browser so far is the horrible state of Javascript/HTML/CSS, its unpredictable performance, peculiarities and implementation.  But now that I can do C/C++, SDL, OpenGL, Audio in a browser without having to install any plugins, I believe the time is right to get a project like this going.


  1. please make it so that a user can allow others to copy his universe, essentially creating parallel universes!

  2. While the idea itself is nifty, it needs some "ignition" to get peoples attraction.
    So while the idea of "Absolute Freedom" is fine (as long as the editor is easy, yet powerful) be sure to deliver enough initial content to show the strengths of the engine.

  3. Arvenius, I'm not sure if I want a lot of visitors when the system is still young. We wouldn't be able to scale properly.