Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Voxel Pause, Game Continue

Had trouble thinking today, riots and stock crash kinda made me worry how long I could still be creative before the heaven of Europe is going to fall on my head.

Spent yesterday evening reading Cyril Crassin et al.'s 2010 article on GigaVoxels and started seriously worrying about content production, framerates, memory and disk space consumption.

I'm starting to think that this is possibly a bit too much for the project, and the idea I'm having could also be realized as an isometric or zelda-style top-down game, with classic pixel graphics.

We'd be able to stem the work load in shorter amounts of time, and still could realize everything the game mechanics require. There can still be in-place level editing and scripting, and if the concept runs well with the public, I could go back to voxels or whatever is best in 3D, and do it again - just like GTA 2 compared to GTA 3 ;)

Since it's now less about technology and more about content, it couldn't hurt to tell a bit about the ideas of the game.

Essentially, the game is a multi-plot role-playing game set in a smaller city or large town. The town is a "clockwork city": it has inhabitants, but each character is persistent - they do not disappear behind street corners. Each has his/her own appearance, back story, job, habits, life goals and plan for the day.

I'm saying "Plan for the day", because there is just one day. It's a "Groundhogs Day", in that whenever you play, you play only this day. You are able to jump into almost anyone of these characters and play the day from their perspective. Then, when you switch character and start the day again, the people you played before will reflect the changes you made:

Let's say, you played a cop, and because you're feeling mischievous, you grab your gun and you shoot everyone you can find. The next (same) day, you play a milk man, and this time you plan to perform your duties as your job requires you to, but no, there's this cop coming around the corner and shooting you - and you know, you brought this onto yourself. You have to go back to the cop and fix the mess you created.

And this is pretty much the goal of the game: get everyone to be closer to their life goals at the end of this particular day.

That's about it.

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