Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

A Crafty Excursion

I did what I always did when I'm stuck in a dead end: entertaining myself. I finally took the time to play that copy of Minecraft I bought a long while ago and got pretty hooked - I also got my wife to join me on a personal server and we both crafted around for a bit.

It took me only an intense five days already to arrive at the wish to try my own luck at this, where with "this" I mean a block oriented pixelated 3D game like Minecraft. I have an older adventure game idea still floating around in my head which is waiting to be picked up.

My main problem is that I'm taking my undertakings way too serious, to a point where they aren't fun anymore. Apparently, I know a lot, except how to enjoy myself while working on a project.

The technology I'm using is my old pals C++, SDL and OpenGL, this time without any Python. Using Python is clearly a fun way to get results quick, but optimizing code for speed and memory is usually a painful procedure; it's probably just knowing about the bulk that scares me. I wish I could be more naive about things, but I ain't.

I can imagine throwing LUA in the mix at a later point though, especially when it gets to coding AI and game logic.

Let's see how far I get with my little ship in a bottle.

A rotating cube with a 16x16 texture!

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